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April 20, 2013, Senator Rand Paul:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your thoughts regarding the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI). I appreciate you reaching out to me with your concerns and suggestions.

President Obama has been focused on nationalizing what is taught in each of our nation's school since he was sworn into office. The President's flagship "Race to the Top" competitive grant program was used to entice states to adapt the K-12 standards developed by a joint project of the National Governor's Association and the Council of chief State School Officers. Also, in the President's 2009 Blueprint for Education Reform, it is suggested that the adoption of these common standards could one day be a qualification for states wanting future Title I dollars for low-income schools.

I have many concerns about the constitutionality and transparency of the Common Core State Standards Initiative as well as the loss of local control of curriculum and instruction."

The following information applies to all states that have signed on to the Common Core State Standards. While the names may change, the plot remains the same.

In the Common Core State Standard (CCSS) system, children are to be indoctrinated, tested and then statistically categorized as human resources for their "value-added" to the system. Market-oriented education reform refers to a series of CCSS initiatives that include educator evaluations based in large part on student standardized test scores. Top-down pressure from federal education policies, with deliberately misleading names such as Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind (bolstered by organized advocacy efforts), is making a set of market-oriented ("value added") education reforms look more like the new status quo than real reform.

In 2009, Governor Strickland established a new statewide educational policy of the 'feds' that is changing all of Ohio's public schools. He did this by accepting a federal grant from Obama's so-called Stimulus package. ALL FEDERAL GRANTS AND LOANS ARE BRIBES - WITH STRINGS ATTACHED!

The people of Ohio never granted Strickland that authority!!
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The following text in italics is direct quotes from the Ohio PTA's web site:


[In 2009 Governor Strickland single handedly altered public education in Ohio]
Governor Ted Strickland and State Superintendent Deb Delisle, signed a Memorandum of Agreement to participate in the Common Core initiative in April 2009. The Ohio Sate Board of Education adopted the standards in June 2010 [see details below]. Full implementation of the new standards and assessments [student testing] will begin in the 2014-15 school year. [He accepted a federal grant from Obama's Recovery Act portfolio.]

[National school curriculum adopted]
The Ohio State Board of Education will adopt model curricula in March 2011;

[Teachers trained to teach national curricula]
Teachers will engage in professional development to understand fully how the revised standards and new model curricula compare to what they are currently teaching and provide methods to make necessary adjustments in their instruction;

[Schools are required to acquire new instructional material]
Districts will have the opportunity to study the new standards, adjust their local curricula and plan for the acquisition of instructional materials, resources and organize professional development for their teachers;

["Value-Added" assessment implemented for school districts, teachers and students]
Ohio (through the ODE) will develop new assessments that meet the requirements of House Bill 1 [See Ohio Revised Code 3302.021]

[Standardized testing for federal tracking of student indoctrination]
Ohio (through the ODE) will collaborate with other states to design common assessments to measure students' learning of the Common Core state standards in English and mathematics [social studies and science].

[Parents to accept new standards without questioning their source or desirability]
Parents can be advocates for their children and schools in two important areas. Parents should be aware of the new assessments that will be aligned to the CCSS. States are already joining consortiums to have assessments in place. Ensuring that students are properly prepared for the tests will help raise the level of student success.

[Schools to raise taxes to implement new curriculum]
Parents can also advocate for school districts to invest in educational materials aligned to the CCSS. Adopting, implementing, and assessing the new Common Core State Standards can only go so far if teachers only have old materials in which to use in the classroom. School districts will need to find funding in their very tight budgets to make the CCSS a success for students.

In 2009, as part of Obama's so-called 'recovery program', the federal government offered grants to all states. The stipulation in these grants amounted to a national takeover of our schools. Most of the Governors accepted this money and signed grant contracts, with many strings attached, to implement Common Core State Standards.

The Common Core State Standards were devised in closed door sessions by the "Council of Chief State School Officers", in collaboration with the so-called federal government, per the terms of the grant.

What is a Governor?
The Governor is an individual who managed to raise enough money and ingratiate himself to enough special interests to successfully a) win the Republican or Democratic nomination and b) beat out the individual who did the same for the other political party.

What is the Chief State School Officer?
Once in office, the Governor pays back campaign supporters (or donors) by hiring them to fill offices in his administration. Governors do not hire individuals who he knows have criticized his campaign rhetoric. This is true in all fifty states. The individual appointed by the Governor to serve as head of the state Department of Education (or Chief State School Officer) is no exception. He is just another political appointee and to assume that he/she is the single most enlightened educator in the state is incredibly naive.

What are the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)?
This is an initiative that is reshaping nearly every textbook, replacing nearly all state tests, overhauling teacher training, grading teacher's performances, and establishing a national (NSA) "value-added" data base regarding the grades, attendance and behavior of every child in the country. Again, these so-called national [international] standards were devised in closed door sessions by the political appointees known as the Chief State School Officers to comply with the terms of the 'federal' grant (bribe).

When the political powers in Washington take over the nation's school curricula and text books, they will be able to teach our children any variety of nonsense they choose, such as:

Sadly the Ohio PTA (who were not given all of the facts) has organized a campaign to silence all who oppose the CCSS program of indoctrination.
From the Ohio PTA's web site:
In addition to target audiences, you should also consider what other leaders and groups in your state (or nationally) are saying about the CCSS. Who is supportive and who is opposed? Where are opportunities for partnerships and coalitions, and from where (and from whom) is pushback most likely to come? While you may not be able to win all groups over, knowing the opposition – and their particular messages, audiences and level of influence – is extremely important when crafting your own communications and outreach strategy in support of common standards.

NOTE: The above strategy is extremely common in our country. It is used by politicians, universities and corporations. In general the goal is to a) identify the opposition and discredit them, b) broadcast 'spin' to overcome legitimate objections, c) avoid at all costs any public open forum discussion of the issue. "Crafting communications" is what propagandists have been doing for many decades. One of the lowest forms of life is the propagandist or public relations specialist! They accept money to mislead and/or manipulate the public.

1) A great source of information, including eye opening documentation, can be found at: This site was put together by Mothers who are not on the payroll of any bureaucracy, but are very concerned with the education of our children . . . our future.

2) Independent analysis of the Common Core curriculum by an attorney who understands "statutory verbiage". Attorney Robin Eubanks "What we are NOT told about Common Core"; a youtube presentation:

3) Here is the Common Core power point presentation that was given to the Ohio Board of Education in May 2010 - one month before they approved it. May 2010 power point presentation to the Ohio Board of Education
It is proof positive that what attorney Robin Eubanks said about 'educators' having been fed propaganda about Common Core is correct. It has little mention of the 'test based' or "value-added" foundation of the Common Core program. If all of the FACTS had been presented to the Ohio Board of Education and the Ohio Parent Teacher's Association, it is likely they would have rejected this program.

4) market oriented education report.JPGIndependent researchers investigated the impact Common Core "value added" assessments had on three cities. Their results were released in April 3013. It confirms exactly what enlightened educators, like John Taylor Gatto, have said for years. Test-based education results in indoctrination NOT education. Critical thinking and creativity are nurtured by a different process. Report: Market-oriented education reforms' rhetoric trumps reality

As the reality of what has happened to Ohio's schools sinks in, let's make certain we all remember who is responsible for this MASSIVE change in our children's education: TED STRICKLAND! And if you think our Governors aren't a party to the corporatization of our educational system, just look at who they appointed to the Board of Trustees of Ohio State University. The exploitive founder of sexy underwear chain Victoria Secrets had a better chance at serving on OSU's Board of Trustees in our current "pay to play" system of corruption, than did a brilliant award winning educator like John Taylor Gatto!

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[We do not belong to either political party. They are both controlled by the same corporate system of banking and greed.]