By AL Whitney
May 16, 2012


Federal 'police forces' are popping up everyone across
the country. Franklin County Ohio is no exception.

When the 'feds' dangle grant money in front of local 'elected' representatives like County Commissioners, they generally 'take the bait'. Franklin County built their own office of Homeland Security (which they never had before) using monies provided by Washington, District of Corporations. Please note that this is yet once more example of a Public Private Partnership, that is - the Public Pays and the Private Profits.

From the Franklin County Commissioners web site:

Franklin County Homeland Security and Justice Programs

The Office of Homeland Security & Justice Programs provides quality grants management, extensive planning, and training opportunities within Franklin County to maximize public and private funding opportunities to enhance community health, safety, and welfare.

The Franklin County Office of Homeland Security & Justice Programs (OHS&JP) serves as the Metropolitan County Criminal Justice Services Agency for Franklin County. The OHS&JP is responsible for the administration of federal grant programs throughout Franklin County that provide funding for a diverse range of services including juvenile justice and delinquency prevention; homeland security first response and prevention; law enforcement, victim services and prosecution enhancement; alternatives to incarceration; crime and violence prevention; training, research and criminal justice planning.

The criminal justice mission of the OHS&JP is directed by oversight of the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board created in April 2000 as a result of a merge between the City of Columbus and Franklin County into a Regional Planning Unit for criminal justice services. The Board is responsible for comprehensive countywide justice planning and the development of the annual Franklin County Comprehensive Strategic Justice Plan.

The homeland security mission of the OHS&JP is directed by the Homeland Security Advisory Committee created in February 2004 as required by the Department of Homeland Security [Executive Branch of US Government] as a grant condition.

The Committee is responsible for comprehensive planning, equipping, training, and exercising first responders so that the Columbus Urban area can prepare, prevent, protect, respond, and recover from all-hazard incidents. In addition, the OHS&JP provides the administrative staffing for the Franklin County Community Corrections Planning Board.

Main Office
373 S. High St., 25th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

See Something Say Something

Ohio (including Franklin County) is a willing participant in the criminal U.S. government's snitch-on-your-neighbors program called "See Something Say Something".

From Ohio's Department of Public Safety - Ohio Homeland Security

Fellow citizens of Ohio,

Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Ohioans have become more aware of the threat of terrorism. Ohio Homeland Security is reaching out to the public through our Seven Signs of Terrorism to help individuals recognize suspicious activity.

Ohio Homeland Security also has established the state's fusion center, the Strategic Analysis and Information Center (SAIC), as a one-stop shop for terrorism-related information. You may contact the SAIC with your information by calling the Ohio Terrorism Tip Line at 1-877-OHS-INTEL or 877-647-4683. You also can email Ohio Homeland Security at

The Ohio Department of Public Safety's See Something, Say Something initiative offers additional suggestions on spotting suspicious activity that may be related to terrorism.

In the event you do observe suspicious activity, you should report it to your local law enforcement agency first. If the activity, person, or incident that you are reporting is an emergency or requires immediate attention, please dial 911.

In addition, we encourage you to call the Ohio Terrorism Tip Line at 1-877-647-4683 or submit your information through the Ohio Homeland Security tip form. Thank you for your interest in Ohio Homeland Security.

Ohio Homeland Security


To establish such as massive new system of Homeland Security in our county and state based on the events that occurred in New York City on 9/11 is truly insane. Although for many it has been extremely profitable. Here is a short video clip critiquing the 'official' story.

Another short video exposé from Canadians: Shadowplay: 911 PuppetMasters

For more details watch full length documentary: Missing Links: the Definitive Truth about 911 (and the Neocons). Please note that this film was made with the assistance of the US Military and NY law enforcement. It truly is a 'follow the money' investigation of the tragic events that took place in NYC on Sept 11, 2001.

The 9/11 false flag event launched the "war on terror" allowing for the unjustified continuation of war and emergency powers for the President.

From The State of National Emergency by SourceWatch.
According to the United States Constitution, Article 1, only Congress shall make federal law. However, since the War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933, every president has usurped lawmaking powers. Their 'laws' are
called Executive Orders (EOs). These EOs, not our Constitution, are what
is governing America today. The War and Emergency Powers Act
enables ...the president to declare a national emergency, and thereby
become a dictator.

Presidents can also carefully choose their words and declare a war on anything [like terrorism], in order to give them dictatorial control. For example, the War on Drugs makes it possible to use federal authorities, such as FBI, FEMA, BATF, and the military against American citizens.