by Al Whitney, founder of Relocalize Franklin County web site

The Problem - Globalization (centralization)

Since the 70s, during Nixon's administration, insiders in Washington and Wall Street have been working on a global pricing system for many so called commodities. These included oil, wheat, and corn etc. as Colonial Prouty explains below. What was once known as agriculture in our country became Agribusiness. Many are not aware that the Rockefellers were implementing the same monopolistic tactics they used to build their powerful oil cartel to construct another one for agriculture.

Henry Kissinger (Rockefeller toady and Nixon's Secretary of State) even expressed their plans in public:

“Who controls the food supply controls the people;
who controls the energy can control whole continents;
who controls money can control the world.”

These were not pipedreams nor idle threats but were the basis and foundation for what we know today as globalization. Later treaties like GATT and NAFTA were implemented to further this goal. It is not a misnomer nor an understatement to refer to Rockefeller's (and the other robber barons) plans as the ever growing Global Domination Agenda. Globalization is not really about friendly global trade, but is about the building of a new model of commerce whereby the monopolists control (and profit from) all of the earth's resources including what they like to call "human resources".

Many have been exposing this 'agenda' for a very long time. The list is extremely long and includes honest men like Representatives in Congress such as Charles Lindbergh, Senior (1916) and Lewis McFadden (1933), and Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley (1966).

Lindbergh words to Congress:
"…There is a sinister influence at work in our country, which, if it is not checked, intends to completely undermine the original purpose of the formation of our Government—change it from the purposes of a democracy, and instead make it of a monarchical and plutocratic system, and to bring all the world into one control and one system . . . "

The globalists (monopolists) have been building their global corporatocracy using assassinations, bribery, war, deception, destruction of sovereign nations, control of currency/credit, stock market manipulations and many underhanded criminal ploys since the founding of our country. How-ever once they established a global pricing system and 'world trade polices' the agenda went into high gear. The closing of factories in the U.S., the Savings and Loan debacle, and the mortgage fraud crisis are only the latest escapades of the robber barons in a long and tragic attack on the good people of our country.

Addressing the problem with the global corporatocracy is long overdue. As I write these words the globalists are seeking to make water a 'commodity' and place it under their control as well.
//Water Industry, World Bank pilot new scheme to drive public water into private hands//
"This January 26th, the water industry will privately review its newest strategy for driving public water resources into private hands at the World Economic Forum. A partnership quietly launched in October with funding from the World Bank, Coca-Cola and Veolia will report on progress towards its stated mission to “transform the water sector” by establishing “new normative approaches to water governance” that put the private sector in the driver’s seat in water management."

The Solution - Relocalization (decentralization)

Short North area of Columbus

Relocalization is a growing movement to reverse the negative impacts of globalization. Many refer to this effort as "Going Local". The Relocalization 'movement' has to ability to undo the corporatocracy and allow us to regain control (lawfully and economically) of our own communities also known as the localities we call home. Instead of being just consumers for the global corporatocracy, we seek to create a local credit system, local businesses, and local markets that serve our own communities . . . not the monopolist's corporatocracy. Relocalization is also about resurrecting "home rule" at the county level, so that non-sensical federal rules/regulations do not impinge on our rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of economic independence.

Relocalization relates to almost all facets of our lives, including the following:
Local Food
Local Business
Local Media
Local Currencies
Local Entertainment
Local Environment
Local [or state] Public Banks
Local Stock Markets

. . . And Local Government
Currently most municipal/county governments are ruling themselves - without the knowledge or consent of the public. They are in actuality municipal for-profit corporations. In Ohio, this transformation occurred in the early 50's. At that time even our School Boards became corporations. Today government corporations are entering into partnerships with private corporations to help advance the corporatocracy. This process is also known as "privatization". Grants are showered upon local governments by both Federal and Foundation entities to help construct the global corporatocracy. Naturally all of these grants have conditions attached. This process of privatizing both services and resources for the corporatocracy is called Public Private Partnership. This model needs to be exposed and stopped even if it means that the public has to proceed with the recall of our elected representatives.

Lastly, but most definitely not leastly, is the necessity to support local Constitutional law enforcement who many now recognize as the County Sheriff. For as the corporatocracy (and the Federal Agencies who were established to help advance it) attack local producers such as organic farmers, raw milk dairies, and humane meat producers, it is the County Sheriff who has both the authority AND the duty to defend these local enterprises.

Relocalization is a big project with big payoffs
it is all about restoring the
Economics of Health and Happiness