Local Banking

  • Did you know that banking at a locally owned bank or Credit Union can actually be safer than banking with a Wall Street mega-bank?
  • Did you know that for the most part the services provided by a local bank do far more to help build community prosperity than those originating from Wall Street?

Local Business

  • Did you know that more of the profits generated by a local business stay in the community than those of the big box chains?
  • Did you know that money earmarked for small business has been fraudulently distributed to Fortune 500 companies?

Local Food

  • Did you know that the current "just in time" transport of food enhances corporate profits at the expense of food security?
  • Do you have several months of food stored in case of a local emergency?
  • Did you know that supporting local producers and Farmer's Markets helps increase both food security and community prosperity?

Local Government

  • Did you know you have a FAR greater chance to impact government policies locally than you WILL EVER HAVE trying to influence the politicians in Washington?
  • Did you know that 'federal' grants (that the people don't vote on) covertly create projects and policies in your own town - to include altering the local court system?


external image x-pdf.png Go Local Handout - Franklin.pdf