March 24, 2012

Anita Whitney (who goes by AL)

I am a retired Registered Respiratory Therapist, a former instructor in Cardiac Life Support, a former Realtor, a former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children, an environmentalist, a wife (of a retired physician), a mother, a grandmother – and a bit of a techie. I no longer participate in the current two-party tap-dance in the United States, as it is merely a way to keep us divided and distracted.

In 2006 I founded the Central Ohio Relocalization Effort as a response to both peak oil and global warming. The Central Ohio Relocalization Effort group was a chapter of an international network of groups affiliated with the Relocalization Network of the Post Carbon Institute. For more than a year our group attempted to get a peak oil resolution passed by the City of Columbus. We also attempted to get an endorsement from the MidOhio Regional Planning Commission. While these efforts did not produce a resolution, the experience and knowledge gained regarding the functioning of our 'local government' was immeasurable. In 2009 the Post Carbon Institute shut down their Relocalization Network - and their network web sites due to lack of funding. At that time I disbanded the group and changed my focus to researching the H1N1 pandemic (and World Health Organization) and shared the results of my research on my For Ohioans web site. Overall, I discovered some very disturbing truths about globalization and the undeniable fact that there is (and has been for a very long time) a Global Domination Agenda, and the promotion of

. . . are all actually a part of that agenda. I also discovered that virtually every aspect of the Global Domination Agenda (globalization) is built upon lies, deception and corruption. As a response to these discoveries I launched the AntiCorruption Society web site in January 2010. The very first two entries on my web site were exposing the deceptions of both 'peak oil' and 'global warming'. Later I exposed the globalist's plans behind the Agenda 21/sustainability issue. These issues are all related as the globalist's goal is to bring in a new monetary system based on a carbon credit currency.

Myself (and many others) now recognize that the best way to dismantle the Global Domination Agenda is to promote decentralization . . . that is to Relocalize. Those who wish to be a part of this effort to restore both local self-governance and our local economy, feel free to contact me via email.

Other Web sites:
Anticorruption Society http://anticorruptionsociety.com/
People for Safe Technologies http://peopleforsafetechnologies.wikispaces.com/

Email: RelocalizeCO@wowway.com

Al Whitney

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This site is an educational tool for anyone interested in relocalizing their community -
that is reestablishing local self-governance and restoring community prosperity.

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